5 Top Strategies for Travelling on a Budget Long Term:

If our inbox is any indication, everybody is willing to get serious about travelling.

Lately it completely overfloweth with logistical questions about our lifestyle and the way to travel long term. We are so frequently asked about how we make money, what travel insurance to buy, what we pack, how we budget, etc. – that we eventually decided to put our answers all in one area.

1.) Volunteering opportunities are varied and vast in whatever nation you see yourself, ranging from environmentally-friendly building jobs to farming to teaching English. Most hostels participate in community betterment projects, or in the very least, encourage them, so getting involved is simple. Additionally, in the event the hostel scene gets too hazardous, outWWOOFing, which is volunteering on organic farms in exchange for room, board and food can be checked by you.

2.) Saving up for it makes the selection decent, admirable even, and less impulsive. You’ll convince everyone, including yourself, that you have got it all under control by pocketing pennies for six months. All the working and scrimping is leading up to an informative, enlightening and ethereal experience, which it will be.

3.) A financing plan is not unwise. You can work by putting a tiny portion of your wages every paycheck away, and within a couple of months, you will be set. It is needed by the wiliest traveller.

I had just finished paying off my car, so I decided to sell it. I cancelled Netflix subscription, gym membership, and my auto insurance. I bought a bus pass, a rain poncho, plus a used commuter bicycle. I sold off virtually everything of any value. I stopped going out to pubs, restaurants, and clubs. I cooked a lot of pasta & rice in the home.

These activities allowed me to save over $7000 throughout the span of a year.

5.) Freelance Travel Writing

I am occasionally paid to compose travel-related posts for other sites. They need content, and I am full of stories to share. The Travel Channel is certainly one of my clients. But travel writing doesn’t pay well, and there is intense competition. It could be a decent revenue stream for some individuals, but for me it is not continual.