7 Reasons to Visit New Zealand as a Solo Traveller

For a solo traveller New Zealand is a safe and friendly haven with breath taking beauty around every corner. From sailing in azure waters, to relaxing on scenic beaches or hiking nature trails, New Zealand provides a huge variety of activities and experience.

Here are our seven reasons to travel New Zealand solo…


It may be a bit of a cliché, but one of the most common reasons for people to go on a solo travel adventure, is to ‘find themselves’. When you travel alone, you leave your old self behind.  You can step off the plane as a new person, with a blank slate ahead of you, waiting to absorb your adventure.

New Zealand is the perfect environment to have the experience you’ve dreamed of. You’ll find a whole range of activities waiting and the opportunity to find out ‘who you really are’.


Going on a solo adventure ensures that you have the freedom to make your own decisions. You can go wherever you want, whenever and however you want. You plan your own itinerary and schedule events that are relevant to your personal interests. 

You can go rock climbing in the morning, visit a national park in the afternoon, and go dancing in the evening. You make your own plans, and you can also change them whenever you like, without worrying about disappointing or inconveniencing anyone else. 

Budget-Friendly (with a little planning)

After a long-haul flight taking a bite out of your budget, and relatively high prices for petrol, food and excursions, New Zealand may seem like an expensive country. But with a bit of imagination, it’s possible to travel New Zealand on a shoestring. 

New Zealand’s seasons are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere, so the busy summer travel season runs from December through February. Both international travellers and Kiwis swarm the country’s most popular sights this time of year, and prices go up for everything from airfare to accommodation. 

Consider visiting during the quieter spring or autumn shoulder seasons, or during the winter (where tourism is down everywhere except in ski areas like Queenstown). Make sure to arrange travel insurance before you travel. AMI insurance has a range of affordable travel insurance options.


New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world, ranked number two after Iceland in the Global Peace Index rankings. New Zealand was given a rating of 1.241 which is based on societal safety and security, ongoing domestic and international conflict and degree of militarisation.

Compared to many places in the world, New Zealand is incredibly safe, but that doesn’t mean the general rules don’t apply: always lock up your valuables, avoid walking alone at night and, whenever possible, make sure to learn about which places are best left unexplored.

Meeting New People

The fact that you are on a solo adventure doesn’t mean that you’ll be alone throughout your trip. You’ll meet other adventurers, some of whom may be solo travellers like yourself. Who knows, you may even find love during your travels. 

You’ll share experiences with different people as you participate in different activities. You can get to know people during a skydiving session or make friends with members of a mountain climbing group. 

In a country like New Zealand, people will approach you to strike up a friendly conversation, whether at a pub or on a bus. It’s perfectly fine to politely discontinue a conversation if you are not interested or find yourself becoming uncomfortable. But, if you are the social type, your solo journey will become a whirlwind adventure of making many new friends. 

The Kiwi Culture

New Zealanders are friendly bunch. Kiwis are laid back and always have time for chat, some directions or some genuine local advice.  Take the time to have a chin wag with the locals, Kiwi’s love their country and are eager for you to love it too.  If you travel on a hop-on hop-off bus, driver guides are friendly and outgoing and always willing to impart their knowledge, a few good stories and show you what travelling in New Zealand is all about.

Bragging Rights

Everyone knows and loves the feeling of completing a challenge. Imagine regaling your friends with tales of your travels across the islands of New Zealand. They’ll envy your courage and “get up and go” and you’ll have pictures of your travels posted on social media sites to back up your claims. Be the envy of your social circle.