Palm Beach

Palm beach country lies on the south eastern coast of Florida and boasts all year round weather perfection.

As I gazed down the 15th fairway overlooking the beautiful sea in Palm Beach, a few thoughts couldn’t help but enter my brain.

Time for my 9-iron, surely?

This is a long winter escape for millionaires so what on earth am I doing here. The end of my golf swing is a sad story not worth telling to anyone but my time in Palm beach has a happier ending. I was out to prove to the world that you could take on any destination you desired even as a budget travel. I’m pleased to say that the reports most definitely come back as desired. Including the breakfast I had delivered to my door, I managed to make it from the beach (via rented wheels) to the shops for some fine attire, to the private sun-beds where I lay for some nostalgic alone-in-the-sun time and then into a seat at some of the most popular restaurants on the beach – all for a budget of under £150 a day.

Palm beach country lies on the southeastern coast of Florida and boasts about it’s all year round weather perfection. And I have to say, lazing on 45 miles of beach utopia is makes anyone boast. But Palm Beach offers much more beyond the beach. Among the 42,000 diverse arts and cultural events that continue throughout the entire year is something to suit just about anybodies taste. And how I loved on this recent visit the chance to explore this never-ending array of arts and entertainment- I was spoilt for choice!

If you manage to make it to Palm Beach in your lifetime I hope that you are lucky enough to get the chance to visit the Street Painting Festival in downtown Lake Worth was taking place. This festival transforms the downtown streets into beautiful chalk paintings. As well as browsing through the art, you can enjoy listening to open-air concerts and enjoying the exquisite food on offer. There’s nothing more welcoming than a joyful atmosphere and extraordinary artwork, including one of a 3D Oscar red carpet, where attendees had pictures taken. All in all the experience was unforgettable!

If the huge variety of culture and art flowing everywhere, isn’t enough to wet your vacation taste-buds, shopping is a famous attribute of Palm Beach County that nobody could resist. All the ladies would recommend a visit to the Escada boutique on Worth Avenue.