They grow their critters and geysers enormous up in Yellowstone, America’s first national park and Wyoming’s main draw. From shaggy grizzlies to outsized buffalo and magnificent packs of wolves, this park boasts the most enigmatic concentration of wildlife of the lower 48.

Setting out to Yellowstone on a family experience? There’s nothing like gleaning informed guidance from travelers who’ve already been there, before you go. We picked the brains of nuggets of wisdom and repeat Yellowstone visitors for their finest travel hints.

It will be packed, but go anyway. “If you’re able to go right before or after the summer crush, then I suggest that. But if you’re able to just see in July or August, Yellowstone is so particular and so spectacular that it’s still worth it,” says Dan Wulfman, President of Tracks & Trails, a company that specializes in self-drive national park vacations.

Hidden Yellowstone Wildlife Safari an Expertly Guided Small-Group Discovery in the Entrancing Seasons of Autumn and Spring.

Embracing the concept of natural attractiveness as a national advantage, he championed the concept of national parks, building a priceless legacy for generations to follow. In the north west corner of Wyoming, two parks that are treasured offer an immersion in wildlife and scenery unparalleled in the Lower 48. This classic small-group safari through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons takes us into the domain of buffalo and elk herds, moose, coyotes, foxes, bald eagles and, obviously, bears and wolves. From plains to summits, Yellowstone Country still works magic that is powerful.

We watched in silence for about 6-7 minutes as the pack trotted together across several more hills, and evaporated into a patch of woods about a mile away. The entire group was star struck. The reclusive rock-star celebs of Yellowstone were found and had created a memory for our travellers to last a lifetime.
Thunder boomed sounding the end of our show, and we headed back to the safety of the van, still amazed with our luck and content. We’d defeated the bunches at the irregular basis of the hills the roadside, the anxiety about grizzly encounters along with the impending thunderstorm, and we were rewarded. Days don’t get any better than anywhere else in my opinion, or that in Yellowstone.