Abama Resort

Chilean architect Melvin Villaroel sought to generate a destination at one with its natural setting, where the indoor spaces and the outside combined seamlessly, and a concealed space lay for reflection.

That is Abama, a high-end clifftop garden oasis nestled between the majesty of the snow-capped as well as the blue sweep of the Atlantic Teide volcano.

A high-end destination defined by its own comparisons

Abama resides in a secluded corner of Guia de Isora, encompassed by over 300 species of two safe natural parks and subtropical plant life.

It’s in boasting two Michelin restaurants among its nine dining organizations, exceptional, and sport fans may appreciate the Dave Thomas-designed a selection of watersports, tennis, paddle, as well as golf course. For those that would rather relax, never worry.

It is a location defined by its own comparisons: a sanctuary that offers everything, where you are able to even opt to do nothing at all.