My South African Introduction:

Upon arriving in Cape Town, my delight began as early as onboard the airplane.

Although a little local budget airline did fly called Mango. As well as burst into laughter – the inflight magazine. It is called Juice. Get it? Mango Juice. Wahahaha!

or instead, by its name.. It turned out to be an airline that is fairly efficient. I do not recall the touchdown. Which means no lump or anything scary like that. So that it must happen to be great.

I used to be SO happy to get my first glance of land that is mountainous. I have missed New Zealand.

It was clear that we were likely to view the mountains irrespective of where we were in Cape Town. Freaking exciting.

Cape Town is a city that is really energetic, joyful. It is alot calm and more peaceful compared to rough, rough, adrenaline pumping city that Joburg is in comparison.

It is just like a piazza there and it had been amazing to be walking around, checking account in the scene, taking in sea breeze and the clean atmosphere. I adored it.

Our first stop was to the famous V&A Waterfront.
It’s like a piazza there and it was wonderful to be walking around, checking in the scene, taking in the fresh air and sea breeze. I loved it.
I understood you can go on safari, that Nelson Mandela was jailed on Robben Island, that the 2010 Fifa World Cup had been hosted by the nation, and that my South African friend Lisl actually enjoyed to eat something called ‘biltong’.

Sure, I really could see the country on a world map, but when you had asked me to list a few of the state’s main touristic attractions I ‘d have been stumped!

But about a couple of years ago, South Africa started to pop into my journey radar. This country which was once entirely foreign to me unexpectedly captured my interest and watch YouTube videos I began to read blog posts, and daydream over photos posted on Instagram.

Bloubergstrand, known because of its iconic view of Table Mountain, is a tranquil residential suburb about 30 minutes’ drive in the Cape Town city centre.
The draw of Bloubergstrand lies in its white sandy beaches which provides a breathtaking view of Cape Town and Table Mountain. Robben Island can be seen in the shore.
Bloubergstrand stand up paddle boarding and is popular for water sports. Nevertheless, many other actions may be appreciated in the region:
— Trekking in the Koeberg Nature Reserve with views of dune veld its own immaculate strandveld as well as a 2km walk across the shore. The walk is most striking in spring when the wild flowers across the path are in
— Birding is popular at Rietvlei Nature Reserve at which it’s possible to see some species that is endemic in the bird hide.
— Ratanga Junction theme park is a brief drive from Bloubergstrand and keeps the children amused all day. (Just open throughout the school holidays)
Twice per annum the museum places an exhilarating air show worth attending.