Top 16 Uncommon Travel Destinations Continued

9.) View sunrise and sunset at Uluru, Australia

Place early to see its nighttime darkness brightening to warm browns and rich reds with the rising sun, as well as the sleeping monolith awaken, the inky Outback skies turn purple. At noon, rays highlight Uluru’s every crag and crevice (best seen about the 10km round-rock Foundation Walk). Come dusk, Ayers that is old blazes orange – a last hurrah.

10.) View whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada

Despite a history of whalers firing their harpoons here, the krill and deep -filled St Lawrence River stays among the world’s biggest whale watching waterways. Come here to see acrobatic humpbacks, 25m- long blues, almost-as- belugas that are outwardly smiling and huge fins. Jump in a kayak and paddle out to the whales’ world…

11.) Zimbabwe

While the Foreign Office warns about pickpockets and mugging, the terror danger in Zimbabwe is low. The television presenter Charlotte Hawkins seen for Telegraph Travel in 2014.

“All of us were conscious of the political problems in Zimbabwe, its history of violence and continuing human rights problems,” she said. “What convinced us was the glowing account of individuals who knew Zimbabwe well, in particular their narratives about how difficult the safari businesses worked to protect natural habitats and support local communities.”

12.) Boat up the Mekong, Laos

Any boat trip on the fabled Mekong has a certain allure, but there is yet another dose of anticipation, when you are heading for Luang Prabang. Laos’ famous town of temples and colonial villas and the banks in the river hug.

13.) Nicaragua

Move over Costa Rica – there’s a new hot spot to go to in Central America in 2015. Nicaragua is fast becoming Central America’s must visit destination , with much to offer long and short term travellers. This is the best spot to do that, if you’re planning on sticking about for a while and participating in some slower traveling. Exceptionally affordable and now attracting many solo travellers from all over the world, this really is a great budget option for 2015.

14.) . Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert will leave you in awe – and no, it won’t be anything near what you expect. Earlier this year it even snowed… yes…. snowed… in the desert!

15.) Madagascar

Consider a visit to Madagascar, should you want to get off the beaten path and experience something truly unique. You’re in for a real treat if the film is any indicator of just how many species of wildlife it is possible to encounter here!

16.) Browse Hoi An, Vietnam

You will nose into museums, sip cafe au laits overlooking the Thu Bon River – and then you will buy clothes. Suits for GBP20, cocktail dresses, tops… and before you know it, you’ve got fitting appointments all over town.