Whisky Regions

Throughout Scotland there are many distilleries and each of these tend be grouped by region, some of which can be subdivided.

The regions used here are as follows

Highland – which can be further sub-divided into specific areas, usually north, south, east and west.

Speyside – geographically a part of the Highlands, but due to the number of distilleries around the River Spey this area tends to be treated separately.

Island – this covers all the islands apart from Islay.

Islay – due to the number of distilleries this island can boast, especially those that are still producing whisky, this area also tends to get treated separately!

Campbeltown – despite only having two active distilleries this town on the Kintyre peninsula is also classified as a separate region.

Lowland – this basically covers every distillery that is not included in any of the above categories.

The lists for each region show distilleries that are either operating or closed. Some also may have been mothballed, which means they ceased operating for a while, but the distilling equipment was left allowing the distillery to start operating again. Distilleries that are closed tend to have their equipment removed and the building either demolished or converted to another use.