By Air

Travelling around Scotland by air


The main airports in Scotland, three of which are run by BAA (formerly British Airports Authority) are:

Aberdeen (BAA)

Dundee (Dundee City Council)

Edinburgh (BAA)

Glasgow (BAA)

Inverness (Highlands and Islands Airports, see below)

Prestwick (Infratil)

Highlands and Islands Airports (HIAL) also provides flights from the following airports: Barra to Glasgow and Benbecula (British Airways)

Benbecula to Barra and Glasgow (British Airways) and Stornoway (Highland Airways)

Campbeltown to Glasgow (British Airways)

Inverness to Edinburgh, Kirkwall, Stornoway and Sumburgh (British Airways) and Stornoway and Benbecula (Highland Airways)

Islay to Glasgow (British Airways)

Kirkwall, Orkney to Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Sumburgh, Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow (British Airways) and northern islands of the Orkney group (Loganair)

Stornoway to Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow (British Airways), Aberdeen (Eastern Airways) and Inverness and Benbecula (Highland Airways)

Sumburgh, Shetland to Kirkwall, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow and Edinburgh (British Airways)

Tiree to Glasgow (British Airways)

Wick to Edinburgh (British Airways) and Aberdeen (Eastern Airways)