Getting Around Scotland

For many, travelling around Scotland is taken for granted. There is quite a good road network and, while trains cannot access every area, the rail network is fairly extensive.

So almost everywhere on the mainland is accessible. With the addition of the ferry services from the mainland to many of the larger islands, and from some of those to the smaller islands. There is even the option to fly between various destinations.

For those that don’t live in Scotland, the first thing they must consider is getting there!

Once in Scotland a reasonable map is worth having and a good travel guide is almost essential – even for those who think they know the country well! Tourist Information is also included for additional information either before setting off or while travelling around.

Travel News for the roads around Scotland:

  • UK Overview
  • Motorways
  • Edinburgh & East
  • Glasgow & West
  • Highlands & Islands
  • North East
  • South
  • Tayside & Central

Further information can be found on Travel Scotland:

  • Rail – First ScotRail; GNER; Virgin; Eurostar and Eurotunnel
  • Ferries
  • Air
  • Further information can be found on the web sites of the individual travel companies – see the links on the left for details of these for travelling to and around Scotland.