Uganda, Africa, and a different outlook!

UGANDA – Uganda unfurls in banana fronds, green hills, and tawny grasslands from the capital city of Kampala. Into the Rwenzori Mountains, the savannah rolls right up in the west, the greatest mountain range in Africa, which separates Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Maybe it is the compact jungle blanketing the purple light as the sun sets, the hills throw the mountainside, or the potential risk lurking on another side, but the Mountains of the Moon, as the Rwenzori are understood, appear mysterious.

But oh, the viewpoints. The small town of Jinja is home to the point where the Nile River branches away from Lake Victoria, also known as the Source of the Nile. I found a shady place and watched the boats criss cross the waters all day. This is a needed a break these past few weeks, after traveling through distant areas of Kenya, from catching on work.
And speaking of those remote regions, I uncovered some wonderful community based initiatives. Good items, can’t wait to share more.
Lodging in Uganda – If you are traveling on a strict budget, you can get a double room that is small for 2-4 EUR/night or perhaps less. A comfortable and clean double room having breakfast and a private bathroom will cost you about 20 EUR/night. Touristic areas have many camping locations and you can pitch your tent for about 3-6 EUR/pp or you also can rent a more comfortable tent for about 30-35 EUR. National parks have many amazing and incredibly luxury lodges, but do not dare to think about them if you are traveling low budget as the cheapest ones start from about 90 EUR/night.

By day, explore the river on a pontoon boat and jet upstream to Murchison Falls, the narrowest point of the river, where water squeezes through a 30-foot opening in the stone, making a stunning cascade. Ask the boat to dock on coastline after you’ve reached the falls. Trek to the park near the top of the falls, a yard dotted with trees and benches, and bask in the rainbow mist in the waterfall. Sure, you’re in the middle of nowhere, but these falls are renowned: Winston Churchill seen in 1907 and afterwards declared Uganda “the pearl of Africa.” They were featured in the film The African Queen, and Ernest Hemingway crashed his airplane in 1954 down river. Back home having a gin and tonic in the Explorer’s Tavern, kick back at Paraa.