Oceania is the region often used to group Australia, New Zealand as well as the Pacific Islands

Although half of it’s politically part of Indonesia (thereby Asia), sometimes the island of New Guinea is considered to be situated within Oceania as a whole. Here, just Papua New Guinea is mentioned, the Indonesia half, West Papua, is not.
Oceania is the sole continent which is almost alone reached by airplane, as overland paths are not entirely present and ferries barely exist. Probably yacht or a cargo ship is the only option by sea. Australia has most flights, especially to Sydney, but in addition to some other principal cities.

So numerous airlines and North America serve New Zealand to a lesser extent, and Australia, from cities that are Asian. Although Fiji is a great hub reached from several Asian nations too as both the USA the Pacific Islands have fewer direct connections from other continents. French Polynesia and Easter Island have flights.
Aboriginal Australian cultures frequently had powerful spiritual relationships together with the local surroundings. They developedmyths to describe the landscape. Modern scientific research has shown that many of the myths are records that were historical that were fairly precise.

One string of Aboriginal myths explains that the Australian shoreline was once for instance, near the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is dozens, even hundreds, of meters from the coastline. Geologists have shown this story is accurate. During the past glacial period, when sea levels were lower, kilometers were extended by the coastline in Australia into what’s now the ocean.

What To Expect

New Zealand is an extreme sports Mecca, with major draws for the adventure traveler including swimming with sharks, whale watching, bungee jumping, white water rafting, caving, para-gliding and sailing. The distant expanses of the pacific coast highway are a classic drive, taking visitors into Maori state, where tribes still gather on Maraes and greet each other with age-old and rite challenges addresses. You can also explore ‘Middle Earth’, a group of tourist destinations across the nation that made up the sets to the Lord of the Rings movies, like the visiting Whakapapa Skifield (Mordor) and Mountain Sunday (the panoramic capital of Rohan).

The isles of Eastern Oceania are steamy eden, each unique, but every home to swaying palm trees, white sand beaches and snorkeling to die for. East Timor – among the world’s newest countries – is ready and stable to exhibit its tropical charms to daring travelers. Fiji’s up market resorts, laid back mentality and staggering diving brings in the crowds, while yachting around the islands of Tonga and Samoa bring you face to face with blasting cliff-side and tribal cultures blowholes.

Crystal seas and sublime seashores that you’ll never forget, plus they really are peerless.

Places in Oceania

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