Here on our TravelDock travel blog, we love adding content from guest authors!

We’ll feature you on our site, along with additional promotion opportunities – such as marketing your post to our clients that are email, together with on our Facebook webpage that has over 100,000 buffs!

Write for TravelDock

We love getting guest post articles which are about peoples travel narratives, personal travel suggestions, meals places (yum!) and actually travel pictures. Just about anything which is not uninteresting to our subscribers – which will even gain you from the positive answer from our visitors!

We just ask a few simple guidelines, in the event that you want to to associate with us to get a visitor post:

Posts must be interesting helpful or applicable for our viewers. Our crowd is composed of folks interested in travel, so the subjects can differ from subjects directly related to something from traveling supplies evaluations, to group travel and excursion locations to the best method to conquer jet-lag to the very best burrito in Los Angeles. Be creative, and we take it!
We prefer moderate – long message. As a guide, a minimum of 350-400 words, as we know our readers appreciate articles with substance to it!

Your biography is chosen by you. As a visitor writer, you can publish image your personal author by-line, plus a life story -hyperlink to your own website or site.

Great quality is liked by our visitors. We attempt to stay large creating requirements on our own blog, therefore we hold the right to edit your post for grammar, usage, or basic layout. We’ll try never to be overly harsh about it, but don’t be offended if your submission is sent by us again with some requests for improvements!
A picture says a thousand words. Our subscribers favor guest writers to work with their own images to follow their post. Nevertheless, if the image isn’t owned by you, please contain the appropriate attribution. No one enjoys a thief!

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