Pine Cliffs Sheraton Algarve

Ocean-front setting with spacey interiors, open verandas, intimate spaces and tranquil gardens.

The Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs Resort is a magnificent resort in Albuferia Portugal.  It is located on a cliff top and is surrounded by pine trees. The panoramic views are awe inspiring. The hotel boasts elegant guest rooms and a coolly cloistered interior in line with the great Moorish architectural tradition for which the region is known.

The resort is the perfect venue for a relaxed/active Portugal romantic or family holiday. It offers a fine mixture of facilities that allow for those that prefer self-catering and those out for a whole lot of dining out and luxurious pampering.

The residences are all well-appointed, benefitting from a fully equipped kitchenette, laundry area, living room and a bathroom to every room. The accommodation is typically two or three bedrooms. This provides ample choice for families small and large.

Facilities at Pine Cliffs

The facilities available at the Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs resort are exquisite, both for adults and children alike. There is a very impressive 9-hole golf course, a tennis academy and a wide range of well-equipped sport clubs.  Children are sure to enjoy the children’s village, which provides them with a constructive environment in which to meet new friends and take part in fun games.

Do you need childcare? Pine cliffs resort offers childcare service for children aged 6 months and above.  This provides parents with some time for themselves, so that they can get the most out of this Albufeira paradise.

The food at Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs resort is exquisite. Food and beverages are available for all tastes, including of course vegetarians, with most restaurants and bars on the resort offering a great array of choices. From buffets to fine dining, beers to cocktails, the resort is a delight for food lovers. Some of the restaurants also have special menus for children.

There are high quality swimming pools scattered across the resort, with most of them heated and child friendly. It is the perfect place to relax on warm days.

Away from poolside, Pine Cliffs resort is also known for its pristine beach. With clean sand, crystal clear water and soft waves, it is a major attraction. Visitors can get to the beach on a lift but there are also steps for anyone that would rather explore the exquisite view of the resort surroundings on their way up and down from the resort.

With its combination of personal service and modern facilities, it is little surprise that Pine Cliffs resort has become a prime destination for people looking for a luxury family-friendly holiday.

Aside from world class facilities, the resort is run by a world class staff; people that fully understand what needs to be done to provide a truly magnificent experience for all visitors. They are polite, and knowledgeable on all matters that matter to make your holiday special.


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