Travel Tips

Follow these great travel tips to ensure you have the best time on your travels.

Make sure you have printed all members of the party and all your travel insurance files, either have their own copy or know where it is to info or any crisis numbers for access.
Ensure all your travel arrangements to the airport/ferry port you have reserved, have already been affirmed the day before you travel. Don’t leave the last minute with your travel arrangements, as taxi services etc book up quickly in advance particularly if you are travelling during rush hour or peak season, bank holidays and you may find it difficult to reserve at late notice.

Before you travel, assess weather and travel reports regularly up to 24 hours if there is a foreseen issue you may make arrangements to leave previously.


Do not leave your bags unattended. The toilets in airports are purposely designed with bigger cubicles so you decrease the threat of getting it stolen and can take your baggage with you.
Consistently arrive in the airport with plenty of time to save; you do not want to start out your vacation with the hassle of attempting to book onto another flight.

Do not pack any valuables to the bags that you are going to check in, package these in your hand luggage and keep it along with you at all times.

The Flight

Onboard all your valuables are kept by the flight contained together in a little convenient bag, which you’ll be able to take with you when you proceed to the loo; this is particularly useful your seats have been divided from one another or if you are travelling alone on the flight.

Ensure that you drink lots of water on the flight; it’s not difficult to become dehydrated, especially as the air filter systems make the atmosphere very dry. Try to avoid drinking alcohol on the flight as this will dehydrate you and disrupt sleep.

Try to sleep in case you can as it’ll let you feel more refreshed once you land, particularly when you have a long haul flight. Avoid drinking alcohol as this really is a depressant and will give you unsettled sleep.
Stand up and move around as much as you can every couple of hours to stretch your legs and support better circulation and blood flow which will reduce the danger of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).


In case you generally take medication ensure you have loads with you and that you package some in your hand luggage.

Find out when you must have some vaccinations before you travel. The earlier you can perform this the better as some vaccinations and courses of medication must start a certain amount of time before you travel. You can find out more from your neighborhood pharmacy or GP surgery.

Make sure you stock up on bottled water and consistently ask for bottled water in cafes, taverns and restaurants.

Ensure you as well as your family are drinking lots of water through the day. You will easily become dehydrated and will be perspiring in the sunshine.

It’s a good idea to avoid being outside in the sun for a long time during the latest hours of the day which are between 11am and 3pm.

If you’re out at sea or in a swimming pool, remember that the sun will still possess the same affect and you will even have the affect of the reflective beams in the sun on the water.
Ensure you and routine episodes have a great factor sunscreen that you apply regularly through the day and lasting damage, respectively to your skin.

Remember to take a small medical kit with you incase of slight accidents or illnesses etc. It’s great to have things including Aspirin, Paracetamol, plasters, antiseptic lotion, Imodium, constipation help, rehydration sachets, small scissors (not to be packaged in your hand luggage though) and bandages.

Always pack Insect Repellant as distinct seasons and years bring insects that are different out; some years bring more insects out than customary.


It pays to plan in advance when you exchange your holiday currency. Often the best rates are reserved for those savvy customers who buy online. While the least attractive option is getting your currency last minute at the airport. More and more customers opt for travel cards like which allows you to preload your currency at attractive exchange rates. While the use of traveller’s cheques has been in decline year on year with many customers opting for modern-day alternatives like travel credit cards and banking apps.


Avoid staying on the bottom floor of a resort or apartment as it is more accessible to individuals and they could see into your room more readily.

Try in case you can to sleep as it will enable you to feel more refreshed once you land, particularly if you’ve got a long haul flight. Avoid drinking alcohol as this is a depressant and provides you with unsettled sleep.
Be aware that salad fixings and fresh fruit are likely to have already been washed in local water. Find out from the entire resort reception whether this is drinking water.

Out and around

Simply take out what you will need for the day; do not carry too much of your money or all at one time on you.

Keep your possessions at all times close to you personally, especially if you go to a market or the like; they are often crowded positions and hot spots for pick pockets.

Take advantage of your resort to learn as much info you can about any regions you plan to travel to so you are able to avoid any that are deemed hazardous or unsafe.

As these often differ from country to country, in case you have a hire car or plan to drive through your holiday, familiarise yourself with local rules of the road, road markings and signs. Also check which side of the road you should be driving on and which way round a roundabout you need to go.

Suggestions for Travelling with Kids

When you have children when making your way to the airport/ferry port, it is best to leave as much time as possible in order to be sure they are comfy, relaxed and have everything they may need for the journey. You’re generally encouraged to board the plane first if you’ve young infants so it’s a good thought to be in the departure lounge early so that you can take great advantage of the priority boarding which will provide you more space in the empty overhead lockers and more time to settle down before everyone else boards.

Always stick together when you are at the airport, do not let children go away anyplace on their own; airports are active places with a really fast turn over of people and you can lose one another readily. The same applies when you are on vacation; you may quickly lose track of a child when they stray from you, particularly when you are unfamiliar with the area and foreign locations can be very daunting.

Make certain children are accompanied in and round the swimming pool at all times; it’s easy to slip and for you to lose sight of these. Too as yourself, make sure kids are well hydrated.
Set in your children before you leave on your hotel and venture to the sunshine. This ensures they are protected as soon as they have been in the sun as well as conserves the hassle and mess of attempting to take action once you are outside. You should then reapply it frequently through the day, especially if they have been in and out of water as some sunshine screens are not water resistant and it’ll wash off.

Never forget to put sunblock on their face also; kids have more delicate skin than us adults, so a higher variable sunblock is needed. See your local pharmacy for more advice.