Dortmund is not only Borussia

When most people hear the name “Dortmund”, they almost automatically associate it with the famous football club. This is unfair because this German city has much more to offer than just football matches. There are many places where you can spend time with your university friends. Find out what these places are and whether it is worth moving to this city for them.

Dortmund – the city of footballers or students?

Is there anything else you can do in Dortmund besides cheering for your favourite club? Certainly. Dortmund is a city of entertainment and students living in dormitories never get bored. Right after the end of the classes, they can go to the city park to relax in peaceful nature. For dates, they can go to the nearby zoo, and for a good beer they can visit the old market square. Photography enthusiasts can easily find plenty of backgrounds to take interesting photos (for example medieval buildings), and for party lovers it won’t take long to find entertainment. Even when it is not organised in the city. How come? Because if they live in a student residence like Basecamp Dortmund, there will be plenty of opportunities for spontaneous parties with friends. In a place like this, you will never feel lonely, because friendly faces are all around you, or more precisely – only a few rooms away.

Being a Basecamp Dortmund resident is so convenient that you don’t need company all the time. If there is something to celebrate – you can meet your friends, but if you prefer your own company, you can go to your single room and celebrate on your own terms. This can be very helpful during exam periods when you have to really focus in peace and quiet. The big advantage of Basecamp dormitories is that they are located in the city centre. You will never miss the best festivals organised in this city or other cultural events that you want to participate in.

Zoo – Dortmund


So, you think the Zoo is only for families with children? You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the perfect place for a first date. Surrounded by greenery, it gives a pleasant background for meetings, and cute animals make great conversation topics when meeting your other half. What animals can you see there? First of all, funny seals, fed at fixed hours and performing hilarious tricks, playing with a ball. In addition, you can see refined jaguars, a majestic elephant or a unique anteater. There is a lot to choose from, because the zoo in Dortmund has as many as 1,500 animals from over 220 species. The great advantage of this place is its good layout, which makes it easy to move around the zoo and admire the endangered species that we do not have the opportunity to see anywhere else.

Florian Tower

Those who like to admire the city panorama and appreciate places where they can take interesting photos should visit the Florian Tower. It is located near the Westphalian Park. This television tower is more than half a century old, because it was built in 1959 on the occasion of the gardeners’ exhibition. When you get to the observation deck located at a height of 140 meters, you will understand why so many tourists want to be here. The view of the city skyline is breath-taking. Looking at this view, you can feel like taking artistic photos, an unforgettable selfie or sketching something amazing.

St. Peter’s Church, in search of medieval monuments

Although visiting churches may seem boring, visiting this one is a must for those who are interested in history. Firstly, because it is a well-preserved building from the 14th century. It was built in the late Gothic style on a square plan. The church’s main attraction is the view of the church tower, which has an extremely disproportionately pointed cupola, 60 m high. It is also worth going inside, where you can see a wood-carved altar – the so-called Golden Wonder of Westphalia.

The Old Market Square, or places with a soul

The Old Market Square in Dortmund is known as one of the sites where the Christmas market is held. All kinds of festivals and city events also take place here. In addition, it is home for numerous restaurants, so this part of the city is focused on entertainment.

In addition to its practical value, it also has a historical value, as its origins date back to the 9th century. Unfortunately, the market square has not survived in its original form. Due to numerous wars and historical turmoil, little is left of the old buildings surrounding it. The historic town hall, the pride of the square, was demolished in 1955.

Fortunately, other buildings of historical value were rebuilt, such as the Adler pharmacy or the old brewery, which after restoration became a museum of modern art combined with an educational centre created for the locals. This brewery, with the characteristic letter U at the top, has even become a landmark of the city, where tourists meet when lost.

The Zollverin mine

Visiting places that used to be inaccessible is a real treat. Especially if it is a former coal mine turned into a museum. The Zollverin mine in question was closed in 1986 and remained unused until 2000. However, in 2001 it was decided to renovate it and put it under conservation protection. Thanks to this, today it can be visited with a guide, and the mine itself has been inscribed on the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

What to expect? First of all, old tunnels, places where coal was mined and where the daily life of workers went on. Thanks to such trips, it is easier to appreciate the friendly conditions in which we live now and the possibility of enjoying the sunlight every day.