6 reasons why you should consider visiting London this year

London, London, London… Who in their right mind would ever turn down the opportunity to visit England’s dazzling capital? While it could be easy to feel put off by the hustle and bustle and fast paced atmosphere, visiting London at least once in your lifetime is an absolute must.

Okay, let us not ignore the elephant in the room… Coronavirus has put a stop to many travellers’ immediate arrangements, but there’s nothing stopping you planning ahead for when this all blows over. Why? Well, stick around, because we are exploring 6 reasons why you should consider visiting London this year.

1) Exciting tourist attractions

Let us start with the obvious, shall we? England’s capital is positively rife with places to go and things to do, making it the ideal spot if you are the adventurous type! We all know the obvious attractions like Big Ben and the London Eye, but you would be surprised at just how many secret hotspots lay beneath the surface. If it is exciting tourist attractions you want, it is exciting tourist attractions you are going to get.

2) Delicious range of food

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Well, we say that it is the way to everyone’s heart! London is famous for its restaurants, eateries, and cafes, and you will be spoilt for choice from the moment you arrive. Whether you are looking for something cheap and cheerful or upmarket and unbelievable, London is the place to be for delicious food.

3) Accommodation to suit all requirements

It should go without saying that you simply cannot visit London for just one day – there’s too much to see and do! So, why not book a hotel and make your trip an overnight one (or several)? As with many aspects that London has to offer, there really is accommodation suited to everyone’s tastes, terms, and budgets. If you’re looking for hotels in Shepherds Bush where heritage meets contemporary elegance, for example, Dorsett Hotel has much to offer.

4) Stunning outdoor areas

It’s a common misconception that London offers little in the way of idyllic outdoor areas, and that it’s nothing more than a concrete jungle… Misconception indeed! From Greenwich Park to Hyde Park, expect open spaces with beautiful scenery, and much to appreciate whatever the weather. If you’ve found yourself a little further afield (pardon the pun) and on the outskirts of London, Danson Park in Bexleyheath was voted the London region winner of the UK’s Best Park competition.

5) Vast opportunities to shop until you drop

If shopping is your ‘thing’, make sure that you visit London this year! Whether you are someone who likes to invest in quality clothing from top stores like Selfridges on Oxford Street, or you prefer treating yourself to quirky antiques from traditionalists like Westland London or stalls on East London’s Brick Lane, you’ll be overwhelmed by the vast range of choices you see before you.

6) Thrilling history all around you

Even if you are not a history buff, you’ll still find it difficult not to get lost in London’s exciting history! Most of us have seen William the Conqueror’s Tower of London in the history books at school, and learned of the breath-taking past of Buckingham Palace, but there is nothing quite like seeing these sights and learning more in person.