Exploring Scala dei Turchi

Our western loop continued with a trip to the Scala dei Turchi (the Turk's stairs), a bare white stone formation that juts into the Mediterranean

If you’re in the locale of Agrigento, home to Valle dei Templi- some of Sicily’s best known and most visited Greek ruins, and you’d like to explore a site of exquisite natural beauty, head a few miles west towards Realmonte and Porte Empedocle to the Scala dei Turchi.

Our western loop continued with a trip to the Scala dei Turchi (the Turk’s stairs), a bare white stone formation that juts into the Mediterranean. This time we vowed to see the calcium and clay formation that is been a favourite sunbathing area since the Greeks populated the island. Unfortunately for us, the wind was blowing and a thunderstorm was on the horizon so we did not get to layout.

This has to be one of the most fascinating and most amazing places that I’ve been to. Only finding it was an experience. While most of the trip proved to be a panoramic highway, once you get to the place it’s a winding maze of narrow streets that are mountainous through the tiny town of Realmonte to the southern Sicilian shore. Marked by only little signs having a brown arrow pointing you in the right direction along the way.

You will walk through grassy wetlands, across the seashore, and beaming in the space you’ll begin to see the fabulous measure formation called Scala dei Turchi.
The so called Turkish Steps are really a sight to behold. This gleaming stairs leads up to stunning white cliffs that rise up in the sea. The site got its name because it turned out to be a favored landing place for pirates as well as the invading Moors and also in the shape of the rock formation.
The naturally created troughs at the top of Scala dei Turchi form a perfect place to relax and enjoy the glorious Mediterranean Sea. It’s a great area for viewing the sunset.

After making my way back to the top (it was a serious work out!)it was amazing to order a few traditional Trapanese dishes. Pasta with almonds and tomato sauce was very popular.

I purchased Mussels alla Tarantina. Just a simple plate of mussels in a tomato wine broth. Oh, and I likewise ordered a plate of potato croquettes. The Italian version of a french fry but better in my opinion. On the outside using a soft interior, these little potato bundles are completely delicious! I enjoy them so and order a plateful every time that I’m on the isle.

I really hope that you enjoy and set La Scala dei Turchi in your bucket list.