Hear it from the people who really are living their dream

It can be achieved

“I left home with a back pack, my 3 day old teaching degree, and only a few thousand dollars, at the age of 21. (If I can be frank along with you, that money wasn’t even mine, it came from the bank – I don’t advocate you do this btw).
I’ve been travelling ever since.
I’ve created a life of travel for myself. This does not mean I’ve constantly been moving from one state to the following. I often stop for work breathers, a place to stock up again before moving on.
The pauses can be acts of discovery, exploration and enjoyment interchangeable with journey too.” – Jane

“Once you make the commitment to developing a lifestyle of travel,
you will be astounded in the doors that open up for you.”
My husband, Jim, we’re founders of a website dedicated to sharing travel hints and stories to help people create memories that are better and travel more. We have been blogging now for 3 years. Ahead of the journey website, I was a primary school teacher and Craig worked in building. We can’t begin to tell you how profoundly glad that we get up every day to go to those occupations. We now spend every single day doing what we love and helping others to do the exact same. At the moment we can be here for the next 2 years and are in Australia.” – Tracy

“Originally from Boston in the USA, I set out to SE Asia for 3-month trip soon after graduating from university. The idea was to travel for those few months before beginning a career as a Sports Agent and returning home. And also the short story is the fact that shortly after arriving in SE Asia, I decided to try and locate a method to travel indefinitely instead. I’ve now been traveling in some kind – backpacking, living abroad, working or volunteering across the world – ever since. So, in my own instance, I never left a preceding ‘life’ behind to become a full time traveler. It all started right after school. I am currently based out of Bucharest, Romania as for where I’m right now, but I’m answering these questions to Lviv, Ukraine in a few hours before my flight at the airport in Istanbul.” – Christopher