Flying for the Pleasure of flying: A New Way to see the World

Imagine seeing the world in a whole new way. Instead of looking at it from the ground, you would get the same view of landscapes and cities, as if you were a bird that could fly, high in the sky. It would definitely change the way you understand our planet and its inhabitants. But wait: The possibility already exists. With sightseeing flights and day excursions, you can travel as often as you want, while acquiring new knowledge of the world you live in.

Discover the World from Above

Today, the internet continuously opens the world to us, in many different ways. Thanks to a platform called Wingly, you can now benefit from the services of private aviation pilots, that can either take you flying over sites, landscapes and cities, or transport you from one point to another for an excursion flight. Contrary to beliefs, these flights are not so expensive. In fact, some of them start as low as €50 per person. We can definitely say it is a bargain to benefit from such a special view of the land we live on, and the constructions we have built on it. But that was the primary objective of the platform: To democratise light aviation, by making it available at a reduced price. And now, you can choose between 5,000 flights, based in 20 different countries.

How does it work?

Before you head to the Wingly platform, think about sites and landscapes that you would like to see from the air. Let your imagination be your guide, and write down three or four ideas that you will have thought of. Add to this list a couple of destinations that you would like to visit nearby, but that are too far to reach by car. Once you have completed these fun tasks, it is time to head to, where you will be able to look for the flight choices you made. Don’t worry, if you don’t find what you are looking for on the website, there will be plenty more sightseeing and excursion flights for you to choose from, and it is quite easy to do.

First, choose the departure city and look for the flight that you want to try. Once you have found the one that you want, book it. You will then receive a booking confirmation within 48 hours. If nothing is to your liking, and you want to stick to the plans that you wrote down before, send a mail to Wingly, and make a request for the ideas you had in mind. They will share your demand with pilots, who will get back to you with offers.

Small Plane or Helicopter

You can choose also between these two very different experiences. Travelling in a helicopter, brings you a special sensation, as the front is fully in glass. And so, when you arrive at the edge of a cliff, leaving the land below for the sea, you feel as if the floor is dropping underneath you. In truth, you have to try both, in order to know what really makes you happiest.