What to see When You Visit Prague Castle

When you go to Prague, even if you visited only the Castle, it would be sufficient to create incredible memories about this great city. There is so much more to do, though, that you need to create some time to devote to the Castle, as it will take you quite a few hours, if you want to tour it all. Here are a few points of interest inside these great and ancient walls.

Prepare Your Trip to Prague

Prague is a city that has lots to offer. In winter time, you can roam around the Christmas Market and go ice skating outside, while in summer you can catch one of the many festivals that come to town. In order to know where to go for sightseeing, which events to attend, where to eat or where to sleep in Prague, there is no better location to look up online than Prague.org, where you will learn more about the Castle, as well.

The Old Royal Palace

If you want to learn about the coronation of kings, you need to stop by the Old Royal Palace. This is where many men were called upon to rule their country. It is also the place where meetings were held, whenever something important needed to be discussed. It was built throughout two centuries (9th and 10th) to provide a residence to kings. That is where they entertained their guests through great banquets. They also offered them entertainment, such as knights’ tournaments. Inside the Palace, you will also discover the Chapel of All Saints, as well as the Vladislav Hall, which both have great merits, in terms of history and beauty.

Aerial panorama of the Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic. Prague Castle.


The Gardens

Gardens are always nicest throughout the warm months. However, there is a special feeling when you wonder their alleys in winter time, and you remind yourself of the fact that kings did the same before you, probably thinking of important problems to be solved.

There are many gardens attached to the Castle. They are: The Royal Garden, the terrace of the Riding School, the Garden on the Bastion, the South Gardens, and the Stag Moat. If you want to prolong your visit outside, you can do so by touring the St. Wenceslas and Villa Richter vineyard, greenhouses and orchards.

The one garden you cannot miss is the Royal Garden, which was created by Ferdinand I of Habsburg, in 1534. While there, take the time to discover the Ball Game Hall, where many games were played, as well as the Summer Palace of Queen Anne and the Lion’s Court.

The Changing of the Guard

If you have never witnessed a changing of the guard, you will certainly be impressed by the one that takes place at the Prague Castle. It first happened during the reign of President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in 1918, which was created in order to protect the Castle. It is a very elegant ceremony that serves to impress. Watching the guards in their uniforms, as they exchange places, will certainly be another memory that you will take home with you, once you leave the amazing city of Prague.