Fund your travels with our easy tips:

The noughties were the decade when folks stopped just dreaming about being traveling writers and got involved. What is more, the ultra-savvy ones are turning their excitement into an income.

Educate Musical Instruments – Piano? Guitar? Flute? Glockenspiel? Whatever you can play, chances are there are folks all over the world who want to understand at the same time. Advertise in local online classifieds or put up signs in regions that are busy, like gathering places of college students, and also you just might have a few classes lined up prior to you know it.

Instruct Any Language – English is not the only language people desire to learn. Talk Mandarin, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Arabic or other things? Look for jobs or create your own personal courses by popular hangouts such as cafes or marketing at universities.

Create and Sell Your Own Products

I mention this first because it is without a doubt the VERY BEST method for the average travel writer to earn money. Your only real price is your time spent writing the damn thing if you create an eBook. Take some time exploring what your market wants now before you begin writing it. Send your readers an e-mail inquiring in what they had most like to find, question them in the comments section and

Work in a hostel

Hostels in many cases are searching for new staff who will willingly work some hours every day, either at reception or cleaning or even both, in exchange to get a free bed each night. Not a bad way to spare cash at all.

House sitting

Who wouldn’t desire a free place to stay? While you normally won’t get paid, if you do not mind looking after somebody else’s house while they are away, this is a great choice. I understand many people who just hop about from house-sitting gig to house -sitting gig, essentially avoiding accommodation expenses for years. Gigs may be one year, one month, one week or anything in between. (Jess & Dani from and Pete & Dalene from would be the experts when it comes to house-sitting!)

Work on a resort

Resort Jobs – If selling is not your thing, resorts all over the planet regularly hire staff from other states for a variety of places, such as restaurant, front desk or the action/entertainment section.