Getting the best out of the Northern Lights

The northern lights are one of the most stunning natural phenomena in the world, which isthe reason they need to be to do list. As the sun goes through its 11 year solar cycle, solar particles and atmospheric gases collide developing a quite attractive curtain of colour display. The ideal viewing spots would have to be crisp, clear, chilly and skies that are cloudless and have small light. In the event you believe you are up for the challenge and prepared test your chance on hunting that is light, here are a few ideal locations;

Alaska, USA

In the USA, Fairbanks Alaska is the place to watch the northern lights coz of its location and since it offers solutions to the major challenges (sleep as well as the cold) faced when hunting for the light. It’s among the few places where you are able to watch the lights in non -freezing temperatures. It is possible to see the lights from the relaxation of a spring that is hot and the most resorts that are recommended are the Chena and Manley springtime. Of the two, Chena is more linked to the Fairbank’s airport and it is better equipped. There are shuttle buses operating between the airport along with Chena. Many resorts will give you an aurora alarm to alert their visitors in case the lights go on.


At the Kakslauttanen Resort in Finland, you do not even need to get out of bed to catch the northern lights.
North of the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland that is vast, surrounded by towering pines, it is a surreally beautiful place to feel the aurora borealis, which delighting and has been confounding observers for countless decades. Towns across Scandinavia, Alaska, and Canada market the lights as the main attraction, offering encounters for high-end travelers and adventurers alike. It’s so ingrained in Norwegian culture the authorities recently opted to add the neon lights through a black light feature to its passports.

Yellowknife, Canada:

In the midst of the northern wilderness in Canada, Yellowknife basks underneath the Aurora Borealis in the wintertime and also the midnight sun in the summertime. Sitting on the edge of the Arctic Circle and surrounded by stunning scenery, this dynamic city is a nature lover’s paradise.

Historically a gold rush town, Yellowknife is now a flourishing diamond mining town, as well as a popular destination to get a wealth of northern outdoor experiences including northern lights tours, dog sledding, cross-country skiing and much more.