GPS Tracker for the modern traveller: A Gift worth saving

The skies are once again brimming with flights after the long downtime from the past couple of years because of COVID19. Now that travel is up on the list for each one of us, we wanted to share a simple and yet, very effective solution for many of the worry that comes with travel. Especially when you are travelling abroad or staying overnight in a strange place, things are bound to be unnerving or unfamiliar. But with the solution we’re suggesting, it’s going to be much easier for the whole trip.

Ready to learn what that amazing solution is?

GPS Trackers.

Remarkably, humans are in almost every corner of the world. We have adapted to even the strangest habitats and call them home. However, we also sometimes feel lost in the crowd. But with a GPS Tracker with you and a teensy bit of planning before you board that flight, can save you hours of mental breakdowns or back-and-froths.

GPS Trackers are small and simple. But don’t let their mild-mannered demeanours fool you. They’re incredibly powerful and can be very useful when travelling. After all, they are built to collect and transmit location data, and travelling is a major part of that.

Does all this sound a little too vague to you? Don’t worry. We’ll explain everything.

There are quite a few ways you can use a GPS Tracker to make your entire travel experience a lot smoother and fun. We’ll get to each of those one by one. So, here we go.

Air travel

You know this, we know this, everyone we know knows this. Air travel is a hassle. The web check-in, the preboarding, the announcements, the delays, the long wait at the end of it to collect the luggage… and only to find out that you reached travel destination, but your luggage is apparently in somewhere else. Having a GPS Tracker in the luggage is a fail-proof way to ensure that your luggage is safe with you, and they are coming with you as planned. You get to access the location of the GPS Tracker all the time, and the geolocation is always precise when it comes to GPS Trackers. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your precious cargo at the airport. And the best part is, even if you lose it, you can track them down quickly if you have a GPS tracker to secure it.

Luggage safety

Another concern that we all have is the safety of the luggage when we are in an unfamiliar destination. We can’t drag along the bulky luggage everywhere we go, right? So, what do we do? We leave them at the hotel or wherever we’re setting up camp. But that leaves them vulnerable to thieves and sneaky hotel staff that Knick valuables from guests. But don’t worry. If you have a GPS Tracker handy, you can simply place it in the luggage, set up a geofence around the room, and have fun. Whenever your tracker leaves the virtual fence, you will get an instant notification that alerts you of suspicious activity. So, this way, your luggage will be safe even when you are not around to protect it. You can enjoy your destination with peace of mind.

Home safety

Have you ever felt that something’s wrong when you leave home for a vacation? Have I left the stove on? Have I closed all the windows? Did I leave the cat locked in the cupboard, and it won’t be able to get out?… the list goes on. Well, we can’t tend to all your whimsies and fears, but a few of them can be helped with GPS Trackers. A pet tracker (yeah, that’s a real thing. GPS Trackers specifically designed for pets) can help you keep track of your little buddies while you are away, and if they wander about where they are not supposed to be, you’ll know. The same goes for your valuables at home. If you have a GPS Tracker attached, you can instantly know and alert your neighbours or friends, or even the police. So next time you are away, and you see that your TV set suddenly decided to take a walk around the block, you’ll know somebody was at your house, and that was not to feed your cat.

Personal safety

Another great use of GPS Tracker is to shut people up! Of course, we’re kidding. Our loved ones are worried about our safety, and we don’t blame our mums if they call and check up on us when we are away. They care about us, and they are worried about our safety. However, if we have a GPS Tracker with us, we can share our location with them, and they can be sure that we are safe and sound. This especially helps if we are travelling alone and if the place is sketchy. Some GPS Tracker even comes with a dedicated SOS button that alerts close contacts and first responders like the police or ambulance in case we run into some trouble.

Travel history

That last one was a little dark, so we decided to end with a good one. It’s always fun to relive the adventure and share the funny stories and exciting places we visited. If you have a GPS Tracker with you, you can precisely map the travel history, including the date, time, and routes, which is a great way to look back. If you were away on a business trip, you could calculate how far you travelled, and if it was a vacation, you get to visit the strange roads once again to refresh the warm and fun memories of the trip.

So, there you have it. GPS Trackers are a great option to consider if you, or a loved one, travel around. They keep you and your belongings safe while keeping an eye out for the safety and security of your valuables while you are away. However, you might want to dig a little deeper and research the specifics and features like the alerts, ease of use, battery life, etc., of the GPS Tracker, you want to buy. You don’t want to end up in an emergency and find out it doesn’t work the way you thought it would. So, compare, learn, and read the reviews. And hey, have a great trip.