The ideal gadgets to take away with you on vacation

Generally, the modern-day traveller is a tech-savvy individual who turns to an array of gadgets to make a trip go more smoothly. Some people might sample a selection of e-books while relaxing around the pool in a luxury location or when off-piste on your ski holiday, while others might be travelling with a little one and need a white noise machine to help them drift off to sleep.

The fact is, like many other industries, the travel industry has been on the receiving end of a technology-based makeover. As well as checking in online and hosting e-tickets on our smartphone devices, holidaymakers are now travelling with a wide variety of gadgets. Some products have been specifically designed for the travel market, while others could be used in a variety of situations. One thing that is for sure, though, is that there certainly isn’t a shortage of options when assessing the products in this particular space. In fact, they’re extensive. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top travel gadgets right now.


A fantastic option for capturing photos and videos

Promising to deliver high-quality images and videos, the OCLU Action Camera is perfect for a foreign adventure. With its aerodynamic design and its slick processors, you’ll capture every memorable moment in the highest 4k quality. This particular camera is also water-resistant, offers GPS functionality, electronic image stabilisation, and even comes with an innovative LiveCut tool that enables users to delete any unwanted content while on the move.

In need of a reliable portable Wi-Fi hotspot and power bank?

Sometimes, when travelling abroad, a solid mobile Wi-Fi connection isn’t always guaranteed. Most of us rely on a smartphone device when travelling these days, too, be it for keeping in touch with a local tour guide or for passing the time in the evening with a YouTube binge or to play the Amazon Wild slot game. With that in mind, the Skyroam Solis is a popular option. It works as a power bank while also offering unlimited 4G LTE service in over 130 countries. It can support up to five connections, too.

Perfect for a woman travelling solo

Travelling alone is a great thing to do, but it does come with its dangers, perhaps more so for women. In order to take precautions and make sure you’re kitted out should you encounter any potentially dangerous situations, consider purchasing the Plegium Smart Mini Pepper Spray. It does what it says on the tin, giving you access to pepper spray should you need it, but while also notifying all of your smartphone contacts should you use it. You will need to check the pepper spray laws at your destination before purchasing one, though. She’s Birdie is a good personal safety alarm to take away with you, too.  

Make packing a great deal easier

Not many people enjoy the prospect of packing ahead of a summer getaway. In fact, packing isn’t enjoyable in the slightest, especially if you’re struggling for room in your suitcase. To help create more space, use a VAGO. A miniature automatic vacuum pump, it sucks the air out of your suitcase and condenses any clothes to half their size, therefore leaving you with more space to add any other belongings.

A fantastic female urination device

Whether you’re camping in the Scottish hills or you’re embarking on an extreme fishing adventure to New Zealand, sometimes nature calls and we need the toilet. For women, it’s certainly tougher. In order to make your life easier, consider investing in a GoGirl. It will allow you to pee while standing up and it’s miniature in size.