Pine Cliffs Sheraton Algarve

Events at the Pine Cliffs Resort

Wine tasting

Wine tasting events typically hold on Thursday evenings. The event is well-managed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines available, and easily distinguished. The selection available include Italian, South African and French wines. There are also wines from Asia and South America. The wine tasting session is a truly unique, educational experience. The Pine Cliffs resort staff offer detailed background information on every bottle.

Cheese Tasting

The cheese tasting event is another colourful one at Pine Cliffs Resort. The décor for the event is attractive, and the setting is nothing short of picturesque. The cheese is from around the resort locale; great national cheeses, and local cheese made the traditional way. You will enjoy the full gamut of cheese flavours of Portugal, from Lagos down to local Albuferian recipes.

Golf competition

The Pine Cliffs Resort is known for its magnificent 9-hole golf course.  It is not surprising therefore that golf competitions are held regularly here. The golf events are usually split into age groups, with the children tournaments being the most attended. The professional golf events at the Pine Cliffs attract a respectable crowd. These are not held on fixed dates so you’ll have to keep an eye on the website if you want to attend one.

Cycling event

There is a bike ride at Pine Cliffs Resort every Saturday evening. It is the one event that arguably sees the most participation from visitors at the resort. The event offers a unique, close up look perspective on the sights and sounds of the Algarve Coast.  The event is carefully planned by highly knowledgeable local cycling experts, riding every step of the way with participants to ensure a smooth event. Due to the nature of the terrain this ride is only open to adults.

Tennis competition

The presence of the Annacroft Tennis Academy at Pine Cliffs resort means tennis events are a regular feature on the calendar. The main event holds on Tuesdays. It consists of separate competitions for children and adults on different sized courts.  The adult doubles event is a huge attraction at the resort.


There is no stadium at the Pine Cliffs Resort and Sheraton Algarve, but there is plenty of space for football events. There is no fixed day for the events but they are at least once a month. The event takes place to great fanfare every time, and there are qualified coaches and referees on ground to ensure everything runs smoothly. Not to say that tempers don’t get frayed during the heat of battle every now and then.

These are some of the regular events at the Pine Cliffs Resort, but with new additions being made to the resort’s events list regularly, visitors are sure to enjoy other events besides those listed here.

It is important to note that participation in some of these events requires registration, or the purchase/hire of specific gear. It is therefore recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment. The children’s events are heavily subscribed, so make sure you plan their time.