Pine Cliffs Sheraton Algarve

History and culture around the Pine Cliffs Resort

The Pine Cliffs resort is located in Algarve, an area known for its rich history and culture. The heritage is readily visible as you travel through the region. The Moorish influence on the region is seen through the small windowed, flat roofed and glazed tiled buildings that dot the locale. Latticework designs on chimneys signify wealth, with larger designs historically denoting a higher position in society.

Some of the churches standing in the Algarve region today were built during the times of King Manuel I in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The increase in tourism over the years has also meant that traditional Algarve crafts, such as basket making, weaving and lace making have survived to this day. The Algarve is also known for Pottery with Porches being the centre of traditional glazed earthenware.  The artesanto shops and handcrafts stalls all over the Algarve are must visits if you are looking for souvenirs that will brighten up your home on your return from Pine Cliffs Resort.

The Algarve culture is one where the past is colourfully celebrated, with several festivals and carnivals slated through the year. It is therefore a good idea to plan your trip to coincide with one or more of these local events. The local Algarve events are not to be missed, as the locals spend a lot of time organising these events. They are as exciting and impressive for the residents as they are for tourists, meaning a true party atmosphere.

What else to expect in the Algarve area

Another part of the Algarve culture is the beach life. This is not surprising, as the region offers a magnificent Mediterranean climate. The beaches are a common relaxation hub for families and tourists on weekends and after work on weekdays. Leisurely strolls on the beach to start the day are also a common sight.

The Western Atlantic coast of the Algarve is a favourite amongst surfers. The beaches here are highly exposed and are much less busy than those on the southern coastline.

The Western end of the Algarve features a series of bays and coves and beaches like Armação de Pêra, Praia da Rocha, Alvo and Meia Praia (Lagos). The beaches boast long stretches of golden sand and impressive rocks dot the landscape.

The beaches at the eastern end feature more gentle sand dunes.  The best beach here is the Sandspits (ilhas). The area is only accessible through water taxis across the lagoons of the Ria Formosa Reserves.  It is the place to be if you are thinking of a day on a tropical island. Vilamoura, Quarteira and Olhõs d’Água are other popular beaches in the locale. Regardless of where you are, you are only a stone’s throw away from a magnificent beach.

The people of the Algarve are also as charming as the Mediterranean weather.  They are very welcoming and are always looking for ways to make every tourist relaxed, and help them get the best out of the region. Their willingness to help means you’ll end up with locals as friends if you choose to mingle.

Visiting the Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs Resort means a trip to a region that offers not just a relaxing family-friendly holiday but also plenty of rich history and culture.