Pine Cliffs Sheraton Algarve

The Golf Shop

This is one of the busiest shops on the resort. Visitors can buy high grade golf wear and all kinds of golfing accessories. The shop also has memorabilia from popular golf events on show, and some of them are for sale. Any golf enthusiast will appreciate the stock available.

The Carola dp fashion jewellery shop

Located at the entrance of the Sheraton Algarve Pine Cliffs Resort, this is a highly regarded Italian shop. It is known for selling high quality jewellery and draws a decent number of window shoppers on a day to day basis. You are sure to find designer jewellery you love at the Carola dp fashion jewellery shop.

Deli Pine Cliffs

This shop is located in the Pine Cliffs residence and is the place to go if you are looking for gourmet dining products.

Zina Boutique

This boutique is a great shop to visit when looking for sport wear or any general clothing. They have all kinds of sport wear from football tops to tennis shorts. It is also a good place to shop for swimming gear if you forgot to pack yours.

The Newsagent

This is the place to go for newspapers, magazines and all your daily sundries. There is a wide range of newspapers and magazines available, from fashion to politics. The shop is open from 10am each day. There is a designated smoking area in the shop so make sure you keep your kids away from second hand smoke.

The Florist

Looking to buy dried or fresh flowers? The florist is a wonderful shop. They have all sorts of flowers ranging from roses and carnations to high grade exotics.

These are some of the shops available at the Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs resort. With the continued expansion of the resort, it is only natural that more shops will continue to open up within the resort.

Tourists can also shop away from the resort as there are numerous shopping centres scattered across the Algarve region. You can find shops selling everything from edibles to antiques. The leather accessories sold in these shops are some of the best you can find on the continent.  Most people prefer to do all serious shopping at local shops instead of the shops in the resort. This is because the prices are often more favourable in the outside markets, as you would expect.