Pine Cliffs Sheraton Algarve

Krazy World

This is a wonderful theme park that features a mini zoo as well as a plethora of other types of leisure amenities. It is a perfect attraction for families with youngsters.  It is located in a countryside setting that provides a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the usually crowded coastal resorts.

While in this tranquil and unhurried environment, parents and children can enjoy time spent with a wide range of animals, including alligators, iguanas, turtles and the giant python. Younger kids will enjoy the bouncy castle and pony rides, whilst teenagers can test their skills on the moto-quad track. There are also swimming pools and a golf course that is a close to the standard of that at the Pine Cliffs Resort.


This is another great family entertainment option in the Algarve. Daily performances here include dolphin shows and the sea lion spectacle. The aquarium-museum is also a delight that shouldn’t be missed.  There are habitats for watching exotic sea birds and majestic birds of prey. The aqua park here features swimming pools for everyone, and a giant water slide if you are brave.  The children will enjoy the regular 4D cinema showings of a sea-turtle’s ocean going journey.

Is your dream to swim with dolphins? Zoomarine offers the opportunity to share the water with bottlenose dolphins under the supervision of a trainer.

Museu Arqueológico

The archaeological museum in Albuferia is modest in scope, but it is richly stocked. It features prehistory, the Roman age, the Islamic age, the Visigoth periods as well as the modern age. Some of the artefacts in this two floor museum include fragments of mosaic from a Roman Villa, Stone Age Flint tools and a collection of weathered 16th-century keystones. The 10th century Islamic silo is perhaps the main highlight of the museum.

Parque Aventura

This is an adventure park for adults, featuring high roping over trees. It offers an exciting and challenging route that requires that participants overcome a good range of obstacles to be able to complete the course. The obstacles include the daunting Monkey’s Bridge and a giddy Ropewalk. The intricate cobweb, the vertical net and the zip wire all offer a blend of fear, fun and challenges to participants.

The park is located in Verdant Woods around Praia da Oura and Santa Eulália. All the trails are adrenaline pumping and there are trained personnel to guide and supervise participants every step of the way. Curious youngsters are put through specially designed initiation trails but they are rarely allowed to take part in the main course.

These are just a few of the top attractions you can look forward to in the region around the Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs Resort.