My Crazy Time In Israel

The purpose of this post it to provide you with a splattering of unique recommendations from my past experience in Israel that you wouldn’t get anywhere else! As I discovered during my trip to Israel last month, I always seem to come across places, activities and naturally, people that I feel obliged to talk about because they would enhance not just my trip but anybodys time if they chose to come here. My time and experience of this country was short and limited but how can you regret any time, however short when you spend every second of every day doing something truly enjoyable?

Jerusalem Light Festival:

The Jerusalem Light Festival is celebrating its seventh year. This season the festival, with its 30-plus art installations by local and international artists, had a particular touch that really made it worth a visit (or two in my instance). The four courses take you through different parts of the Old City with one of them taking you. With all the stunning backdrop of early Jerusalem, it is no wonder this festival draws at every year! (visitors approximately 300,000)

The ATV experience (all terrain vehicle!)

Once I sat down in the ATV, my first idea was, “At least this is going to be over in a few of hours”. Oh how foolish was I. This ATV experience was not real. Maybe it had been the daring, yet relaxing, landscape or the incredibly interesting-to-drive vehicles (Polaris RZR) or perhaps it had been the guide, Osher, who appeared to thoroughly enjoy showing visitors around this part of the united states. Or most likely, it was a mixture of everything. Spot that is demanding to be in. And that is why I can not think of a better way to experience the Upper Galilee.

The Jaffa Flea Market Flea

Oh my god, this flea market splattered over several blocks of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Imagine and array of endless minature shops offering everything you could possible imagine and a world of things you couldn’t have imagine even existed. I can’t even name a few; antiques, furniture, clothes, miscellaneous everything, fruit juice, food, books, arts and everything! Procrastination wandering level 1000, the ability to just stay here for an entire day just wandering around here, breaking to enjoy the cafes with their outdoor seating before you continue your flea market exhibition. If you get bored, let me know because I’d be curious as to how! There was this one shop that was the size of a walk-in-wardrobe and their collection of crazy antique items kept me occupied for a full half hour; bizarre cameras, helmets, forks, record players, chairs, used electrical wires and an endless list of ‘more.’