What you must experience in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a vibrant city, renowned for its marvelous artwork and culture, welcoming people, great food and wines, and dynamic nightlife. In this website you will find all the information you must know about Buenos Aires: present and forthcoming cultural and sports events, places to see, where to stay, the best museums, monuments and the most amazing buildings.

1.) This city is an ice cream lover’s heaven. The main chains are Volta and Freddo, and we also found this little cafe called Dieci on Avenida Santa Fe that had two heaping scoops for $3.

2.) The Museo del Automovil Club Argentino (the Museum of the Argentine Automobile Club), located in the Palermo neighborhood, exhibits some fairly hot sports cars, including a 1908 Fiat. Free entrance.

3.) Nightclub Tango lists coming tango performances across town. If your Spanish is not a bit strong, that is okay. Use your search tool and look for “gratis,” and you’ll locate some places up your street.

4.) The reserve is home to some 300 species of birds, including parrots and kingfishers.

5.) San Telmo Marketplace
The Sunday market of San Telmo was among the very best flea markets we’ve ever seen. Buskers the street performers and Brazilian drum groups, tango dancers and packed bars across the long road called La Defensa looks more like a large street party than am outside walking market.

6.) Look at the Iguazu waterfalls, this in my estimation is a must. It was amazing. In case you go, I suggest staying on the Argentinian side at the Sheraton in the park. This is what we were very happy and did. So we’re able to go to with the falls on the Brazilian side, we also got Brazilian visas. The views in the earth were not worse in my opinion. However, the subsequent day we went on a river boat ride that deliberately drove our boat to the waterfalls. Exhilarating, terrifying, wet and a once in a lifetime opportunity. This ride is, in addition, a must.

7.) Medialunas! These flaky, sugary croissants are a popular breakfast dish in Argentina, not only in the capital, but there’s just something so special concerning the deals in every cafe in town for Cafe con Leche (coffee with milk) and three medialunas in Buenos Aires.

8.) Sunsets over Puerto Madero. We loved watching the sunset over Puerto Madero, a newly regenerated former port area of the city.