That time I fell in love with Croatia

Recently, I announced that I would be traveling to Croatia, one of my favourite countries in the world. I planned to stay for a short period in Kraljevica, which is a small local town on the stunning Croatian coast, I’d be staying there about a month. Having jet-setted Europe like no tomorrow I thought it was about time to settle for a bit and enjoy Croatia a bit more long term.
As someone who spends there life travelling, the best gift is doing absolutely nothing, surrounded by beauty.
Finding accommodation was easy as the tourism season ends in late September/ October.
Villa Dora is a unique holiday rental property I stumbled upon and it’s absolutely fantastic. By picture it looked like an authentic Austro-Hungarian house from the ‘30s situated less than a couple of steps away from the dazzling Adriatic Sea.
And in real life my hopes were not disappointed.
The owner was a darling and I immediately felt at home in my private 1-bedroom villa. It was stunningly furnished in cream and wood. Plus, I quite simply couldn’t refuse the one month rental price.

Side note: If you travel low season then you’ll find that much of the Croatian accomodation is heavily discounted by as much as 60%. Don’t worry, I promise the weather will stay fabulous for you and it’s the perfect opportunity if you want to have the place to yourself.
On my arrival at Villa Dora I was astounded taking in the scenery which is just awe-inspiring in real life. The photos were nothing compared to this perfectly pink shaded house that sat beautifully among the Mediterranean forestry that covered the surrounding gardens and terraces.
I was welcomed like one of the family by the owners, whom I have promised to revisit in my life. Although I preferred solidarity to embark on the work that I had to do, I was always well looked after. We’d laugh over cups of coffee and she’d help me with my (still terrible) Croatian. I am ever thankful for her hospitality and the excellent tips she gave me for exploring the village and local area.
I can’t stress how wonderful it is to build relationships and connections with the people you meet when you’re abroad. You never forget these people and they build you into the person you’re meant to be. Villa Dora will always have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to return.