The best way to fly business!

The flying encounter means different things to various people. Economy flyers begrudgingly step foot on the airplane, glowering at possible row-mates while they emotionally prepare themselves for the battle of the following several hours. The light in the space is the farther away the light, the destination — the longer the flight.

Then there is business class. Being woken up to the landing protocol as they ask themselves, is met with disbelief, how can it be over? While completely rested from a totally flat bed being filled to the brim with lobster and champagne is going to do this to you. The catch is, obviously, price.
The debut of airline miles and charge cards, however, changed the game. Now low cost opportunities to fly are completely attainable with a little fiscal aptitude along with some miles knowledge — chances being understood right now by tens of thousands of flyers.
Welcome to the traveling hack of the generation: the world of credit card.

The Basics

Credit Card Churning

An excellent technique for drastically reducing the price of journey is learning how to churn credit cards. Here’s a summary should you do not understand how credit card churning works:
Locate a credit card with a promotion or sign-up incentive which will give you a lot of miles/points.
Satisfy the minimum spending requirement. Gather your points.
Repeat.  Additionally, joining multiple programs on a single day (known as a program-o rama) will multiply the benefits!
Over the last year, I collected well over a millions and have churned through a group of credit cards points and miles. This is a very simple technique to execute, however a challenging one to maximize. You may develop a better skill to get points and miles as you get involved in credit card churning.
Keeping good credit is your top priority.
You NEED TO be a disciplined user of credit cards.
You need to have really good or outstanding credit.

Keep a watch on the spending conditions.

Avoid cards that have a yearly fee.

Finally: Business Class!
I commend you for having an open mind, if you have read this far.
Below these paragraphs are screen shots of business class award flights. This can be an incredibly small sample size of the possibilities of credit card churning, mostly in South America (for no other reason than I am now planning business class trips there).

Meaning you can reserve this now, for under $100 and a little time.