Why Serviced Apartments are the Perfect Option for Families

Taking a city break with your kids can be a logistical nightmare, so it’s no surprise as to why it’s sometimes overlooked as a great way to spend some time together as a family and have some fun. Whether you want to explore abroad or spend some time in one of the UK’s wonderful cities, booking hotel rooms for everybody can be off-putting. The good news is that with serviced apartments available for families in almost every city around the world, exploring a new capital or smaller city as a family is easier than ever before. Read on for some of the best reasons why serviced apartments are the perfect choice for your family!

Stay Together

The idea of splitting the family up into two separate hotel rooms can be a nerve-wracking one for mum and dad. And often, this could mean one parent staying in another room, which leaves couples travelling with kids missing out on being able to enjoy any ‘couple time’ together during their stay. On the other hand, a serviced apartment offers a real home from home experience. Just like at home, you’ll all have your own rooms in the same apartment; kids will love having their very own space whilst mum and dad get some much-needed peace and quiet too.

Save Money

Many parents avoid travelling as a family due to the sheer expense of doing so. And, it’s fair to say that family holidays don’t always come cheap, particularly when you need to book separate hotel rooms to accommodate everybody. However, when you opt for a serviced apartment, you’ll often be able to save money. It’s cheaper compared to booking multiple rooms and the space and home comforts available mean there’s more for you all to do right there at the apartment, rather than having to go out. For example, kitchen facilities mean you can save a significant amount on eating out; you can store and prepare your own home-cooked food instead.

Hotel-Style Service

Although you’re staying in an apartment that comes with all the amenities of being at home, don’t think that you’ll be missing out on a hotel-style service. Most serviced apartments will have a reception on hand to help you with any queries or issues at any time of the day or night, and you’ll have a regular maid service to ensure that the apartment is clean and well-stocked with fresh towels and other essentials.

Entertainment Facilities

Hotel rooms can be fairly boring places for children. Many still expect you to pay extra for wi-fi, and often, the TV facilities aren’t that great. But when you stay in a serviced apartment, you can find many options offering the full package. In addition to free wi-fi, many serviced apartments such as Dream Apartments offer huge flat-screen TV’s, Sky channels, DVD players and much more. So, keeping the kids entertained in the evening after a long day of exploring is easier than ever.

Why would you choose a serviced apartment for your family? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.