Essentials to Remember Before You Go Interrailing

If you’re looking for a real adventure this summer, an InterRail ticket could be exactly what you need. An interrail pass will grant you reduced or even free trips around Europe for your desired amount of time. Whether you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the city, or the sun-soaked beaches, interrailing is an unforgettable experience with endless opportunities. If this sounds like the kind of travel adventure you desire this summer,  then here are some essentials travel tips to remember.

Pack Light

Although it’s easier said than done, packing light comes into its own when you are interrailing. You will more than likely be hopping on and off trains, walking through busy city streets and using various public transport as well as a whole load of walking. All of these things can be made extremely difficult if you are carrying heavy bags.

Expect the Unexpected

Some trips can be much longer than you may have anticipated, so taking some travel essentials is a good way of keeping you entertained, warm and comfy during the longer or delayed journeys. Trains aren’t always the most reliable forms of transport and there can often be delays, changes to buses and the occasional need to rest in the train station, so taking a tablet, travel pillow and a light blanket are essential.

Map Out Your Countries

Interrailing gives you the ability to travel anywhere around Europe as well as the option to decide when and where you visit, during your time. As great as it is to feel free and spontaneous, you should always plan out your trip to avoid any extended rail journeys which only lead to wasted time which could be spent exploring.

Don’t Worry if You Can’t See Everything

Sometimes a city that you have always dreamed of visiting might not fit in with the rest of your plans. If getting to the city is going to cost you lots of money and time, then don’t force it. This will cause unnecessary stress, trying to cram something in.

Pick Your Partners Wisely

Prior to your trip, it is important to think carefully about who you travel with as these people can make or break your trip. If you regularly disagree with these people on basic stuff like what you want to see in each city, budget or how to spend your evenings, then these are warning signs that there may be friction on your travels. Try to choose people that have tastes and interests that match your own as this will ensure that your interrail trip runs smoothly.


It is easy to lose yourself in the stress of planning, and forget that your trip is an exciting adventure. Remember that things don’t always turn out as we planned, and this is all part of the experience and can often make for a better one in the end.