Known for its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing historic sights and a touch of adventure

Bunches of globetrotters and backpackers have journeyed to the Southeast Asia that was productive and culturally affluent. Known for its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing historic sights and a touch of adventurousness, this comparatively cheap travel destination entices thousands amongst a large number of individuals every year with landmarks like Angkor Wat, Cambodia; the city of Bangkok, Thailand; as well as the panoramic views of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
Bangkok is the hub of Southeast Asia in many senses, which is only one of the many reasons I recommend you start your two months in Southeast Asia in Thailand. After spending between two and three days in Bangkok, head north to the charming city of Chiang Mai, where temples that are fantastical can be explored by you, get face to face with tigers that are cuddly and enjoy some of the most delicious food on earth. Traveling to Asia is as exciting as it sounds; Asia is the most diverse and largest continent on Earth, and that means you’ll get a lot more than your money’s worth of culture, beauty, history, and experience.

When To Go

Since Asia is an incredibly large geographic area, it is not easy to ascertain seasonality for it as a whole. Nevertheless, there are some similarities to notice when determining when to go, like spending less and avoiding crowds by traveling during off peak times, and reserving ahead of time. Although, it is crucial that you remember low seasons will often bring to travelling weather not conducive. There’s shoulder season for all of Asia, low season, and no one high season.

One suggestion would be to check before you go in, in the event that you see other patrons dining in a place.
Additionally, many of the nations have free English. Locals in Southeast Asia love telling you how fine you look and are frequently quite pleasant toward westerners. When it’s coming from girl or a man, prepare to get a swarm of compliments in your look. You will get used to it, although it might seem a little odd in the beginning. I swear.
Keep Clear of Draws Demanding Creatures
It is not difficult to get trapped in the delight of riding an elephant or cuddling a baby tiger, but the unhappy facts are the fact that, in most instances, the creatures involved in these draws aren’t being well-treated. I made the error of riding elephants because I did not understand any better, when I arrived in SE Asia.

Places in Asia

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